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Active Bodies = Active Minds

Physical activity in general is associated with improved academic achievement, including grades and standardized test scores. Such activity can affect attitudes and academic behavior, including enhanced concentration, attention, and improved classroom behavior.
(GAO, 2012)

Our Mission

The 1st Quarter Foundation believes that through active participation in recreation, sport, and age appropriate activities, that the youth of today can learn the skills necessary to be productive workers in tomorrow’s society.  Currently, there is a struggle to find qualified workers to fill even basic entry level jobs, and while they have the physical capabilities, our youth are struggling with communication, leadership, and interactive skills necessary to stay gainfully employed. It is believed that through integrated activity, the youth can gain the characteristics to be leaders and productive workers in the future.

Our foundation work is directed at increasing youth participation in physical activity, teaching life skills that will produce productive adults, reducing childhood illnesses related to sedentary lifestyles, reducing technology addictions, and integrating students together through play at a young age to help reduce bullying and other social pressures.



Move. Play. Succeed.

Our primary project is the Move. Play. Succeed. program that is designed to create a positive impact on the development of elementary aged students through afterschool activity programs delivered onsite at elementary schools. Each program is taught by college physical education majors under the direction of a licensed PE teacher and/or a representative from the college program.  In addition to the college physical education major teaching the program, high school athletes will be used as peer coaches for the youth. Creating a full cycle of peer role models for the youth is advantageous to building active and supportive communities.  It also allows for the high school students to learn value job skills while giving back to their community. 

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Empower Her

As we have been involved in the schools, it has become clear that we have to increase our emphasis on our older youth to help build our Move. Play. Succeed. program. Through empirical evidence, high school females are more apt to participate in physical activity classes that consist of all females and with a female instructor. While some school districts do incorporate genders in physical activity, most are done through a required physical education credit. In elective option physical education, participation numbers are smaller for females with male dominant instructors. In situations with required physical education, schools with split gender classes have more success with female participation in elective options beyond the required classes.

Currently, most of the females enrolled in physical education and/or strength and conditioning classes are also athletes at the high school. This should be an opportunity for the girls to participate in activity and strength and conditioning concepts to help prevent injury and help increase their overall strength for sport. However, due to the dominance of males in the class most of the females shy away from complete immersion into the class. Most shy away from strength and conditioning with the large quantity of boys in the class.  In some school districts in Idaho, girls are electing to take online physical education during the summer months to avoid having to be in the same class as the boys during the school year. There needs to be an increase in female students in physical education classes in high schools across Idaho.

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Youth Activity Research and Development

At 1st Quarter Foundation, we are dedicated to the youth and finding the best ways to help them grow to be active and productive adults. We are partnering with regional universities to research and develop better teaching and coaching practices to help our youth grow and develop. Our resources should be on the early development of our children, and we are dedicated to providing a safe and healthy environment for our youth to learn.

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